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Whether continuing lessons from early childhood or just beginning to learn music, the teen years are an important time in musical education.

For students who are continuing or restarting classes they may have started earlier, this is a time to develop a deeper emotional understanding of the music, as well as hone their performance skills. New students will develop skills and come to enjoy music on a new level. Music lessons for teenagers help improve test scores and confidence, as well as provide a sense of social belonging.

Many teens who began music lessons as a child will find that as they become teenagers, music classes take on a new depth. With the basic skills mastered, teenagers are able to connect more personally to the music, choosing selections that reflect their feelings. This emotional outlet is a healthy way for teens to express themselves. Music lessons for teenagers also often begin to focus on composition, allowing teens to write and perform their own music.

Some teenagers will find they have a new or renewed interest in learning to play an instrument, in part due to popular games like Guitar Hero. While these students may be frustrated initially, they will soon gain new skills and enjoy the sense of pride in their accomplishment. Learning to play music will allow them to experience the music they hear in a new way.